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What is NLP?

Natural Language Processing allows computers to comprehend and produce human language, fulfilling a long-standing dream of mankind. It comprises two critical components: “understanding” and “generation”. Later on, I will provide more information about these two components.

What are the applications of natural language processing?

In addition to facilitating the interaction between robots or chatbots and humans, NLP also enables machines to analyze human language.

Natural language processing can be used to extract valuable information from social media comments and messages, as well as business customer communications.

This approach enables businesses to identify and respond to customer dissatisfaction, emergencies, interests, and needs. By analyzing customer data, businesses can offer products, services, and discounts tailored to meet their customers’ specific preferences. This can help improve customer satisfaction, build loyalty, and prevent customers from turning to competitors. Furthermore, targeted promotions and discounts can incentivize customers to make purchases and strengthen their relationships with the business.

Also, detecting emotions and mental disorders from conversations, identifying and preventing social anomalies such as verbal sexual harassment, establishing cybersecurity, and Malware code analysis (malicious language processing) are important tasks that can be achieved through analyzing text. Additionally, automated systems can assist customers and users by answering emails, providing responses to inquiries, and performing tasks such as transcribing meeting conversations and categorizing surveys or registration forms. Smart assistants can also be used to teach languages, provide advice in various fields, help students with homework, and perform machine translation. Other useful applications of NLP include text summarization, automatic event reporting, text editing, medical data analysis, image annotation, and image labeling (which can be particularly beneficial for people who are blind or visually impaired, as well as for image searches).


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